Friday, December 21, 2012

LUSH Gives Back? Splendid!

Gifts that Give Back Suggestion #2: LUSH

Have you ever used products from LUSH?  They are not joking with that name.  The company makes amazing beauty and bath products.  The products themselves don't just smell great, but the company believes in using natural organic ingredients and refuses to use anything tested on animals.  Seriously, the company is all about ethics and making a positive impact on the world.  Definitely take the time to read about the company here on their website.

One of the ways they make a positive impact is through the sales of the LUSH Charity Pot.  
I had to steal this photo from the LUSH Facebook page because they wouldn't let me steal it from their actual website.
LUSH Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion
After subtracting the amount needed for taxes, 100% of the money goes to charity!  The website spotlights different charities the company currently supports.  They are typically grassroots organizations that help people and animals in a more ecological way.  You can check out the charity page here.

I have not actually used this LUSH Charity Pot product, but I can only assume it's spectacular.  A mixture of cocoa butter and fragrant essential oils, the description mentions smelling chocolately, so you know it must be fantastic.

Shoutout to Elizabeth B. for turning me on to LUSH products through her stunningly thoughtful care packages over the years.

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