Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gifts that Give Back? Splendid!

Gifts that Give Back Suggestion #1: Sevenly

Making outright donations to charities is great, to be sure, but there are still times when giving someone you love a gift is not only appropriate but expected.  In keeping with the theme of giving to those less fortunate, I also want to spotlight some companies that offer products you can gift to someone while also giving back to society.

First on my list is Sevenly.  Sevenly is a company that chooses one charity each week, designs shirts based around that charity, sells them online, and donates $7 from each shirt sold to that particular charity.  Each Monday a new charity is announced, and new shirt designs are unveiled.  They claim that previous designs are taken away forever (they even go so far as to use the "Sandlot" FOR-EV-ER on their website), but this holiday season, they brought back 7 fan favorites for an extra day of support.

Sevenly supports all kinds of charities that help people, whether it’s autism research, helping disabled kids get service dogs, helping women escape abusive relationships, or even as simple as giving hats to kids with cancer to keep their sweet heads warm while they go through chemo.  This week Sevenly is supporting Reece’s Rainbow.  The website notes, “The mission of Reece's Rainbow is to rescue orphans with Down Syndrome through the gift of adoption and to raise funds to help adoptive families afford the high cost of adopting these beautiful children.”

The designers at Sevenly come up with some seriously cute shirt designs, and it's so exciting to see what new charity and designs will show up each week.

Feed My Starving Children Design

Props to Keren C. for introducing me to Sevenly!

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