Bucket List? Splendid! (Updated 04/14)

So I've started a bucket list, and I'll keep updating it as I think of more things.

1. Sing in a band
Lead vocals or backup, it doesn't matter.  I just want to sing in a band.

2. Officiate a wedding
I've been internet-ordained for more than 3 years now, and I really want to officiate a wedding!

3. Open a restaurant (added 11/12/13)
Thoughts include a late-night doughnut joint in downtown Champaign called DOWNTOWN DOUGHNUTS!
Also, a deli/panini shop called FREEDOM OF THE PRESS.  The menu would include a panini called the Manipesto that would include my delicious homemade basil pesto.
A breakfast tapas place where you can get small plates of all the delicious breakfast food without ordering enough food to feed yourself for a week.  Called BITE ME!

4. Act as a Music Supervisor for a film (added 04/15/14)
I've always been impressed by movies with excellent soundtracks.  The music chosen can make or break a scene in film.  I want to be the person to find the perfect song for a scene, or an entire movie.

5. Become fluent in ASL and/or Italian (added 04/15/14)
I took a semester of Italian in college and a short ASL workshop this spring.  I love both languages, and I would love to master one, if not both.

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