Tuesday, February 12, 2013

More Orange Kitchen Favorites? Splendid

I've already written about some of the orange items you'll find in my kitchen, but that list of three things is by no means exhaustive.

Besides the orange pasta pot and drainer, Stacey also gave me a sweet orange knife for Christmas this year!  It's almost too pretty to use... almost.  It's lightweight, sharp, and it fits very comfortably in my hand.  Pretty color or not, I currently use this knife more than my santoku knife.

My friend, Ginny, bought me a couple of awesome orange melamine spoons for my birthday a few years ago, and I love them.  One is a slotted spoon, and the other is a solid serving spoon that's kind of squared off on the edge.  She bought them at a local store, Art Mart, and they don't have any markings on them, but from what I can tell, they probably came from Rosti Mepal in the Netherlands.  I love that they're heat resistant and sturdy, and if I take them to a potluck, everyone knows they belong to me!

Last December I "helped" (read: rode along with) my friend Matt move to Kansas City where he lives with my friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth, being an exceedingly thoughtful gift giver as well as tour guide, took me to Pryde's Kitchen.  As she suspected, I was in heaven, and I would guess we spent more than an hour browsing all the nooks and crannies filled with Fiestaware and kitchen gadgets.  One of the best thing I stumbled upon was the orange happy spoon made by Zak! Designs.  It's funny because when Elizabeth lived in town, her roommate had the green happy spoon, and I had always loved it.  I had to have it.

Frank Sinatra once said "Orange is the happiest color."  I mean, obviously.  I have an orange spoon that is so happy it smiles at me!

For the record, as much as I want everything in my kitchen/life to be orange, I have quite a few orange kitchen utensils that I won't blog about because they're inferior products.  They're more like attractive people who aren't so bright: I just want them to sit there and look pretty.

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