Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello, Harto! Tour? Splendid!

Do you know about Hannah Hart and My Drunk Kitchen?  If not, you should totes pay attention to her, because she is great.  My Drunk Kitchen is a series of web videos wherein our host, Hannah, drinks while cooking.  So simple but oh, so funny.  The series started in 2011 when Hannah (or Harto as she's often called) made a video for a friend that consisted of her drinking whilst making grilled cheese.  Spoiler alert: there is no cheese.

The videos quickly gained followers, myself included.  MDK videos are hilarious and full of puns, so of course I'm a huge fan.  Not only is she super funny, but it's obvious that Hannah really appreciates her viewers.  This morning she launched an Indiegogo campaign to take My Drunk Kitchen on the road.  That's right a My Drunk Kitchen Tour!  She plans to travel across the US in an RV and do My Drunk Kitchen episodes in the kitchens of viewers across America!  In less than 6 hours, she's already reached 100% of her goal.  She's offering perks based on the amount of each donation.  Am I getting a postcard from Hannah Hart on her journey in response to my donation?  Hell yes, I am!  Since she's achieving this initial goal so quickly, she's already talking about extending the tour to Canada and Europe.

I stole this image from her Tumblr.
  One of the other really cool things about Hannah is that she used her "internet celebrity" to give back in December.  She organized Have a "Hart" Day to involve her viewers in community service.  She spent a morning with 200 of her viewers sorting food at a Los Angeles Food Bank.  One of her hopes during the MDK Tour is to organize similar events across the country, and that's just plain awesome.

So this Hannah Hart girl?  I think she's pretty splendid. My favorite MDK episode is probably the one where she makes ice cream.  Check it out here.  She's such a doll.

How do you end a blog post that is essentially comprised entirely of fangirling over a YouTube star?  Probably with a picture of a t-shirt available in her online store: 

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