Friday, November 8, 2013

Charitable Giving 2013? Splendid!

We’re coming up on the first anniversary of when I started this blog.  Okay, yes, by “coming up” I do mean it’s more like 6 weeks away, but that got me thinking about my first posts.  I started this blog a week before Christmas as a way to talk about organizations in my community that were about to receive donations from me.  I plan to make more donations this year, and while I still think last year's recipients are very appropriate choices, I'm interested in what you think.  I have some incredible friends and family who support all kinds of causes that are important to them (hint: that's you!).  I want to know what those causes are.  What organization do you think should receive a donation this year from me and why?

Last year I donated only to organizations that are based in Champaign County.  If you make a strong case for an organization based somewhere else, I'm totally willing to broaden my horizons.  To sweeten the deal for you, if I choose an organization you suggest, I’ll send you a box of homemade sweet treats!  Submit suggestions using this form.

I also did a short series on Gifts that Give Back, so if you have suggestions for that, please leave a comment below.

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  1. I compiled a similar list last year, and I am pulling from that. Most of the orgs are national, but all are approved by CharityNavigator.

    Planned Parenthood
    College Guild
    The Aliveness Project
    Southern Poverty Law Center
    Legal Aid
    IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans' Association.)
    Girls Inc.
    Big Brothers, Big Sisters
    Humane Society