Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sassy Wedding-themed Pinterest Board? Splendid!

Because we're in the thick of instrument rental season at the store, the sales staff is working 6 days a week this month.  I usually finish up my blog posts on Thursdays when I'm home for the day.  Since that won't be the case this month, consider this a condensed post.

Recently two of my very dear friends got engaged.  A few days after Matt proposed to Elizabeth, I received a voicemail that said the following:

"Hi, Matt and I were talking about our wedding, and I promised him there wouldn't be any crafts.  So we thought I should call you and tell you so you can help me stick to this plan.  Also, so you don't start sending me adorable pictures of family photos submerged in mason jars of olive oil that shouldn't take very long but actually take 100 hours.  Because I don't have time for that.  So this is your warning."

Knowing that our friendship is full of sass (stories for another time), I responded to her voicemail with this text message:

"Because I am so full of sass, my response to your voicemail was to immediately start a Pinterest board called EB's Wedding According to Me.  It's going to be full of over the top DIY wedding ideas."

So in the last month I've been steadily adding photos to that Pinterest board.  Most of the photos are gorgeous and would make for a great wedding for someone... but not a DIY-free wedding.  The descriptions are full of sass and snark, and Elizabeth has assured me that both she and her family love them.

Today I'm going to share it with you all.  My only concern is that some people don't know how to use Pinterest properly, and they forget to change captions.  So when they repin something from my board in earnest, they keep the sassy remarks about how ridiculous it is to do something like personalize individual cheesecake favors for 200 guests.

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