Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Keeping Busy? Splendid!

This new found free time is giving me a chance to spend time doing things I wouldn't normally get the opportunity to do.  In a way, it's like being on an extended Spring Break!

This week I'm spending a couple days helping my uncle at his company in the suburbs.  It should be a great experience since I'm supposed to be his Social Media Maven.  It would probably help if I really understood the business.  I'm excited to have a purpose for a couple days and learn more about the business.

Anyone who spends a lot of time with me, or any time with me during the first quarter of the year honestly, knows that my birthday is in March.  They also know that I like to celebrate it for the entire month.  Because I'm a princess.  My boyfriend's birthday also happens to be the day before mine.  I think this is great because it's an excuse for extra celebration in March.  It's not so great for him because, as I said before, I like to celebrate for the whole month, including on his birthday.  Last year was a big year for him - one of those birthdays ending in a 0 - so I let him have his entire birthday to himself.  I'm awfully thoughtful, aren't I?  I am looking forward to our birthday celebrations this year, because between family and friends, we're legitimately celebrating over the course of five days.  BEST BIRTHDAY WEEK EVER!!!

Since my roommate is on spring break the week of my birthday, we have big plans to keep busy.  First of all, she has promised me that she'll start watching Doctor Who.  This alone could be her birthday gift to me.  I know that I'm going to be that annoying person watching her watch the shows to make sure she's having all the right feelings.  

We also have plans to go visit our college roommate, Rachel.  Rachel is an incredibly talented triple threat who is making her way in the Chicago theatre world.  She's wrapping on a show right now, so it's the perfect time for us to go visit before she starts rehearsing her next show.  If you have a chance to see Miss Rachel in a show, you should absolutely take that opportunity.  In fact, you can keep up with her on her website: www.rachelklippel.com

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